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Set up:

6 string or bass $65
12-string, floating tremolo $75


Re-string & tune:

6 string or bass: $20
12 string $25


Re-frets (set up included in price):

Standard $350
w/Binding: $365
Maple neck: $395 (lacquer tinted to match original color)
Stainless Steel frets: $395

Partial re-fret (set up included in price): $225

Fret dressing (set up included in price): $175

Bridge re-glue (set up included in price): $175
Carve new bridge (set up included in price): $250

Neck reset (includes refret, new saddle, setup): $650 & up


Nut & Saddles (set up included in price):

Bone nut, custom made per guitar: $125
Bone saddle, custom made per guitar: $125
Bone nut & saddle set: $175
Fossilized walrus ivory nut & saddle set: $250

Acoustic pickup install (set up included in price): $125
Sound hole pickups: $45


Broken Head Stock:

$125 (no touchup)
$250 (w/touchup)


Other Electronics:

Shop rate $45/hour


Call or stop by for a quote:

crack repair
loose bracing
custom pick guards
pick up routs
and more....just ask!!

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